Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh 3...

I have mentioned previously that Gwen has been exceedingly three lately. Tonight she showed it off  in rare form. Gwen has been wanting to play in the pool or run through the sprinkler for several days. The weather is not exactly warm enough to do this though, and I had a very busy day and evening of folding the mountain of laundry I had put off. I told Gwen that if daddy wanted to do it then that was fine but it was a solid maybe, not a yes.

Gwen pretty much hears exactly what she wants to hear though when I say maybe. And to her a maybe always means YES! So when Eric got home and told her no, things turned ugly. Gwen started by sobbing, screaming, crying and demanding. She found a swimsuit. Carried it around for awhile. When that didn't seem to work she disappeared for a few minutes. I thought to myself AHA! it finally sunk in that we weren't giving in. But oh how mistaken I was.

The next thing I know Gwen is stripped down, naked as can, be holding her swimsuit. Begin the sobbing, screaming, crying and demanding all over again. I finally called down to Eric to come up and deal with her. He got some panties back on her. She was distraught. Two minutes later she was back out in the hall naked again. This time Eric put her in bed. A solid hour of sobbing in her room and she did not give up and go to sleep. Only when Lucy went to bed did she finally calm down and go to sleep.

She was such an easy two year old. I knew three was going to be rough, but I really didn't realize it was going to be this much fun. She is tenacious. It is a good character trait. It just needs to be molded first.

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