Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Boy!

Andrew came home from school today and informed me that he was selected to be part of the math team at his school! He is really excited about it and can't wait until they start practicing. They will practice for the Math is Cool competition in the spring against other teams of 4th graders. The competition covers 6 different areas: individual test, team multiple choice, team test, relays, mental math and college bowls. Andrew was selected based on his MSP scores as well as his teacher's recommendation.

So now, with soccer, classroom representative, swimming lessons (that will start in a couple weeks), midweek church stuff and the school play that he wants to help with, let's just say we are busy. It is a lot of fun though to see him blooming away this year and getting into a whole bunch of stuff. He is so happy to have these activities and I am thrilled that he is finding a special niche all for himself.

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