Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reid Isaiah- 18 Months

So I am a few weeks late. Reid turned 18 months at the end of September but finally today I got him into the doctor for his well child check. Other than the fact that Reid still has a pretty nasty dairy allergy I had absolutely no concerns about his development.

Reid is really starting to add words to his vocabulary. It is so hard for me to keep what is normal in mind with the talking piece. I have had some really early talkers and some latish talkers. But Reid says about 10 words, including please and thank you (or what passes as those words) and a few others that are consistent. Right now he regularly says ball and doggy and kitty. Although doggy can mean anything from a dog to a horse. Apparently kitties are only kitties though. Reid is way ahead of the curve when it comes to gross motor skills. He walks up and down the stairs, he jumps off of objects, he jumps with two feet off the ground and can do it repeatedly. He climbs anything that is possible although strangely (and thankfully) he has not yet attempted to climb out of his crib. He throws a ball and kicks a ball easily. He is 100% boy. He has big siblings to try and keep up with.

Reid is tracking smaller in comparison to the big boys. But my guess is he is going to be very similar to Andrew in size when it is all said and done. He is a little heavier than Andrew at the this age but a little shorter. Growing just fine though!

Height: 33" (58%)
Weight: 26 lbs. (67%)

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