Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh Zane...

Tonight Zane was in rare form. Eric was out mowing the lawn and found a garter snake and brought it up close to the house to show the kids. Zane went flying outside to check out the snake and then he wanted to hold it. After a few freak outs over whether or not the snake was going to bit him he finally grabbed the snake from Eric. I sent Andrew out with the camera because snakes and I do not mix. Plus Eric has been known to pretend to throw snakes at me. The girls would only look out the window. Lucy almost looked like she was going to pass out. And Gwen wouldn't even get too close to the window. They get their hatred of those slithery fiends from me. Plus the girls were way too busy playing with this new bin of dress up clothing. But Zane could not be left out of the fun with that either! He was absolutely all in with the dress up clothing. What a nut!

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