Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Top of the Class

We have always know that Zane was a smart cookie. However we were not fully aware at how well he was doing in school. Today Zane's teacher sent home the results of the math and reading assessments that they did at the start of school. In math they are required to learn their math addition and subtraction facts 0-18 and be able to pass at a 90% accuracy level for second grade. Zane has already passed the addition test (98%) and is super close to passing the subtraction test (84%). And that was before they even really started covering the second grade material.

As if the math numbers weren't enough to make us very proud of him his reading numbers came back amazing. At the start of second grade kids should be reading at least 52 words a minute, Zane is reading 167. The expected accuracy percentage is 90%, Zane is reading at 97% accuracy. When ranked against his classmates he was the top reader in his class and his teacher told us he was the second highest reader in all of the second grades in the school.

To say that we are floored is probably an understatement. This all comes so easily to Zane and it is utterly maddening to Eric and I how little that he applies himself and is able to still pull those types of marks. We shall see where the future takes Zane. I am excited to watch it unfold.

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