Monday, September 30, 2013

What an Adventure

Mornings are a bit crazy at our house. Breakfast, lunch making, getting dressed, folders signed, teeth brushed. All that type of stuff. And I needed the boys to empty the dishwasher for me. Andrew and Zane have a method to empty the dishwasher. Usually one of them does the top rack and the other one gets the bottom rack. They were racing for the machine and in the process Andrew kicked the transition strip in between the kitchen and the family room and dropped like a rock crying. He pulled it together and I sent him off to school. When he got home though he was in a lot of pain and couldn't bear weight on his foot at all. There were a lot of tears and so I took him in to the doctor. After a long wait, some x-rays and an exam, the results came back that Andrew had not broken his foot, he had just bruised it. So very glad we managed to avoid a broken bone! Andrew was fascinated with the process and the x-rays. He was so excited they sent him home with a copy of his foot x-ray.

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