Monday, November 11, 2013

Oliver Benjamin: 6 Month Well Child Check

It has been a rough week with Oliver. Really rough. He hardly slept, woke constantly all night long, ran a fever a couple of days, was unbelievably cranky. I chalked the whole thing up to teething because he cut a tooth on Friday morning and the partner tooth is poised to come in any day. Sunday morning he broke out in a rash and was still rashy today. No problem though. I know that viruses often end in rashes and they are no big deal. Plus we had a well child check today so I figured it would get looked at then.

 In we marched to the doctor and she checked out my little man and informed me that it looked like Ollie had gotten Roseola. Now, Roseola IS a virus and it does end in a rash and it isn't serious but it did completely explain his extreme crankiness and fever in a way that teething never did. So yay! Glad he is going to be feeling better very soon!

Other than that small discussion, there was nothing else left to talk about concerning Ollie. He is growing well, slimming down a bit and is hitting all his milestones. He is also so sweet with the babbling of ma-ma-ma. He does it almost exclusively for me so I am declaring that he is saying my name. Next check up at 9 months!

Height: 27.5" (83%)
Weight: 19 lbs. 2.5 oz (74%)

Almost identical to Andrew and Reid in size.

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