Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trimming the Tree

 This year we had to change locations for our Christmas tree. Our new couches do not leave us room for our Christmas decorations so we rearranged furniture moved it into the front room.

As always the kids did a great job helping to decorate the tree. With the boys getting even taller it makes it much easier to have the ornaments more evenly disbursed.

The girls really wanted to help with the glass ornaments this year and I was reluctant. Eventually they did get to do some of the more fragile ones and it worked out fine. There were no casualties during the decorating process.

Oliver slept through the majority of the decorating and only woke up at the end. Just in time to put his babies first Christmas ornament on the tree.

Eric and I even put on our special ornaments that we got when we first got married. It was a lot of fun and now our front room looks festive and ready for the season!

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