Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Good Day

Miss Gwendalyn and I had a great day today. She has been on this ballet kick where she wants to wear a leotard and tights all the time. No big deal right? It is all good until we need to go somewhere outside. It is barely above freezing and we are not talking about a leotard with sleeves. She wants to wear this performance one with a tank top and attached tulle skirt. No pants, no coat. She isn't cold you know. So today she asked me to wear tights and I said yes. I helped her get them on and then see scurried off to finish getting dressed. 3 minutes later she comes downstairs wearing the same tank top leotard that she wore yesterday. SIGH. I told her that her outfit was not going to work. The leotard was dirty, she had worn it for two days, and it was entirely too cold. There were tears but then I told her I would help her find a different one to wear and if she added a skirt on top I would approve of the outfit. All of a sudden it was smiles all around with the Gwen girl. I found a nice long sleeve black leotard and a skirt for her to wear on top. She was happy for almost the rest of the day. I have to remind myself I just have to keep working with her. Each and every day for the rest of our lives.

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