Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Mom Hates Me

Today Gwen wanted to dress like a ballerina. She even wore her ballet shoes to church. She took them in her purse to change into when she got there. We came home and she wanted to change into a leotard. I told her that was fine. I even went upstairs to get one that would fit her out of the closet. She already had her pants on and leg warmers on top of them. She insisted she needed tights. I told her no to those. She was already dressed in the pants and the leg warmers and the leotard. She was ready to go and play. And then the drama came out. She sobbed that I didn't love her. Then I heard her say from downstairs "My mom HATES me!" I looked at Eric and asked him if she had said what I thought she said. She repeated it. Louder. I just looked down the stairs and informed her that I love her very much and do not hate her at all. But she was not changing into tights. She sobbed more. This is going to be SO much fun.

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