Thursday, February 27, 2014

Allergy Follow Up

Blurry but 100% Reid the Rascal
Oh my did we get answers today at the allergy doctor. I am still trying to process all the instructions that I heard today but retelling it seems to be helping it all get cemented in my mind so I suppose typing it out here will help it all the more.

First the results of the stool/saliva testing. Reid did not show any signs of parasites or irregular digestive enzymes. This was good news! However he did show blood in his stool and the presence of yeast in his digestive track. His inflammation marker was quite high as well. Normal is below 6 and his was 37. So that apparently shows that his intestines are quite inflamed and angry. His food allergy test came back positive for quite a few foods that he eats regularly as well. The test only pings foods that he eats often, so dairy and soy did not come back positive on the test since I never let him eat them. The foods that came back positive though were almonds, bananas, peanuts, oats, wheat and mustard. All foods he eats often if not daily.

The plan of attack is where it gets quite involved and somewhat overwhelming for me. To begin with we are starting pro-biotics and vitamin D supplement daily. These will continue for the foreseeable future. Reid is also starting prescription anti-fungals, the first one for one time a day for 14 days and the second one, to begin immediately following the first one being completed, four times a day for 10 days. When those anti-fungals have finished then Reid will begin on a course of natural anti-fungals, rotating through five different options, two week courses on each. We will also be retesting his stool in 4 weeks to see if there is still blood present. In addition to all the supplements that we are juggling I will be starting an elimination diet after Reid has been on this medication regimen for 10 days. This will include 4 days of eating all of his sensitivity items each day at least once and then 4 days where he eats none of them. Then I will reintroduce them one at a time, with a day gap in between, checking to see if he has any noticeable reactions to them in his diet. If so they stay out, if not they can go back in no problem. I am excited to see what this process is going to tell us!

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