Monday, May 17, 2010

Biking Fun!

Since the weather was so beautiful today I let the kids ride bikes when Andrew got home from school.

Lucy has been longing for the day when she got to ride on the trike with her brothers. (She is watching Andrew speed down the block)

Zane is slowly but surely learning how to peddle. I think this summer he will fully get the hang of it. I raised the seat on his bike (which I realize is entirely too tiny for him) and it seemed to help with the pedaling. It is kinda hard to efficiently and effectively pedal when your knees are about level with the handlebars. He is working on it though. I just figured there was no use in buying him a bigger bike if he was not going to actually ride it.

Since Lucy is so interested in bike riding, Zane has been kicked off the trike and the only option left is a bike. So, he is learning. I kinda told him and Andrew when they both can ride without training wheels that I would let them ride around the block. That was a hit with Andrew. He was pretty excited about it. I think it won't be until at least next summer though. Zane is making progress but it is quite slow. Although the promise of a new bike if he figured out pedaling seemed to make a definite impression.

Andrew, on the other hand, is quite the speedster on his bike. He really enjoys racing it up and down the loop in front of our house. He spends a lot of time standing up on the pedals to increase speed. More power too him. There is just something so classic about bike riding. I hope he always loves it.

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