Monday, May 17, 2010

Gwendalyn Lily- 9 Months

Gwen had her 9 month well child check today. I was curious to see if the stomach flu had sabotaged her weight gain and sure enough it had.

Weight: 18# 3 oz- 38%
Height: 29"- 89%

We had a bit of a conversation about her weight but our pediatrician didn't seem too concerned. I am still nursing and have plenty of milk. Gwen is much more interested in feeding herself than being spoon fed and she is eating a good variety of foods. The fact that she didn't really eat for about 5 days certainly could weigh in on the issue as well. It was sad to see her so little though. She only gained 5 ounces in the last three months!

Of course after we talked about all the milestones and stuff it was time for shots. I was happy to hear that she only had to have 1 shot (Hep B) today. But she did have to have her iron level checked which was sad. I am so thankful that Eric goes with me to appointments. He is really good about snuggling them after shots and needle pokes. Much better than me.

Gwen stopped breathing for about 15 seconds with her shot. It was really sad. The nurse Eric and I all said "BREATHE BABY!" She howled for awhile after that. But her lips were turning kinda blue. After her iron blood draw I heard the nurses talking about how sad she was and how they hate to have to do those things to babies. ME TOO!

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