Sunday, May 23, 2010

Whale Spout!

I have a theory when it comes to little girl hair. My theory is this: If I want to be able to put my daughters hair in adorable braids and pigtails when she is three I must start to work with her when she is little. And before she learns to pull out the elastics. And she has hair. I suppose that is an important part to add.

Anyway, for the last week I have been contemplating Gwen's hair. I thought it was long enough to put in a whale spout. I just hadn't given it a shot yet. It is still quite short but there is a lot of it right in the center. So, this morning I had a few extra minutes and I gave it a try. To my happy surprise I was able to pull it up into a pony.

I suppose the girly hair insanity has begun. Bring it on!

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