Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Slip and Slide Time

We brought out the slip and slide since summer FINALLY decided to arrive here. Zane was all excited for it but only lasted a few minutes before wanting to stop. I bribed him with an otter pop to smile for this photo. Sad huh.

Gwen thought the kids were crazy with the slip and slide. I didn't even try to let her play. There is time enough for that in the future.

Andrew and Lucy had a marvelous time playing though. I brought out the blue tarp to give alternate routes. I guess they can be rough and scratchy but Andrew is the only one that actually slid and he focused on the real slip and slide. No harm done.

Lucy's version of slip and slide is walking down and then falling at the bottom. Whatever works for her I guess.

Hooray for Summer!

Hooray for slip and slides!

Hooray for kids playing together without fighting!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

In honor of summer finally arriving, I think you should re-post the greatest picture that I've ever seen of your husband: Eric on the slip-n-slide.

Owen and Lucy are two peas in a pod. He goes down the slip-n-slide the same way :)