Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby #5!

We had the big ultrasound this afternoon and little blessing #5 is a BOY!!! We are super excited and can't hardly wait to meet him! Andrew is very excited. We let him come to the ultrasound appointment with us to see the baby and to be the very first one to know whether it was a brother or a sister. Andrew proudly carried the photos out to the car and called them his brother the whole time. Andrew told Zane that we were having a boy and Zane said "SWEET!" He sounded about 14 years old with the slang but it was very cute because he is very excited. I think Zane envisions a lot of Thomas the train play in the future. I just hope he is still interested in Thomas by the time his little brother is big enough to be interested as well! Lucy is just excited about all this talk about babies. We shall she her reaction when this one is a reality and not just a hypothetical!

Sweet baby face

The one and only time any child of our will have a chicken leg!

Looks like 5 fingers to me!

So excited to meet this little man! March (or April realistically) cannot come quick enough in my book!

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