Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Extravaganza 2010!

This was Gwen's first year carving a pumpkin. Last year I think I carved one for her but she was tiny and slept through the entire thing. This year she was right in the thick of it and thrilled to be there!

I don't know exactly what Gwen thought we were doing but she certainly thought the pumpkin was tasty!

I kept waiting and waiting for her to make a face and spit it out but she kept going back for more and more bites!

Lucy is surprisingly not squeamish about pumpkin guts. The boys both spent YEARS fussing about their hands being messy. Not Lucy. She is normally kinda picky about her hands being messy too. I guess this had adventure written all over it though.

She scooped away like a trooper the entire time. I think I could have let her scoop the entire night and she would have been totally and completely occupied. Hmmmmmm.... there is an idea for an afternoon project I think!

Apparently Andrew finds it impossible to scoop and smile at the same time.

I finally had to ask Andrew to stop scooping and just smile for me.

Zane was very excited to carve pumpkins. He has been asking all week long to do it.

Scooping pumpkin guts is hard work even if you are 5!

Everyone with their pumpkin masterpiece. Zane wanted a happy face, Lucy wanted a sad face. Gwen got a toothy smile and Andrew wanted a vampire pumpkin.

All alight on our front porch! Now if they will only NOT rot before the big day. Not that it will change things though. In the realm of pumpkin carving there are no do-overs!

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Amber said...

I love them all! I have a feeling T would bite it too, pumpkin puree is her all time favorite.