Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Different Hair Problem

When Lucy was Gwen's age we had constant battles over combing her hair. It was the deciding factor in me choosing to cut Lucy's hair so young. Gwen does very well with allowing me to comb her hair. There are few occasions resulting in me threatening the salon scissor with her. She is horrified over her hair being cut. She has long hair like Rapunzel you know.

Gwen's issue is that her hair is constantly in her face. Which means that it is in her food and gets all yuck that way. She doesn't often want me to put it up into a ponytail which is fine since she lets me brush it but it does make me constantly try and tuck her hair behind her ears. And this is where our battles lie. Gwen hates her hair behind her ears. Hates it. As soon as I tuck it, she pulls it right out. It doesn't help that her hair grows straight forward from her crown. This will always be an issue. I know I could cut bangs, although I think that would horrify Miss Rapunzel in the making or do barrettes or headbands. The issue is actually much more about me than her. She is fine with her hair in her face. It is my problem. Someday she may find a way to keep both of us happy.

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