Friday, December 14, 2012

No Drama for Andrew

Andrew has been telling me about a writing prompt he has worked on for the last month. He informed me it was funny and that his teacher kept showing it to other teachers. He finally brought it home today to show us. Clearly Eric and my stance on teenage drama has hit home with Andrew. Now if I could just get it through the girls heads too...

"If I Were the Parent" by Andrew

Going to the mall with teenage drama queens would be my sentance to death! I'd be devoured by "I want this", "I want that", "This is pretty" as soon as we walked in. Let the mom get devoured by those words but me, no! I'd go to my job, fishing with my boys or tucking seven and younger year olds in for bed. That is what I would do if I were the parent.

Advice, advice I have advice! My advice is get a job and leave teenage drama kings and queens to the mom! If I was in a cheerful mood I'd bring them to my work that would be at Aramark, or the police station but if I was in a tempermental mood not at all! If it helps I'd get them an active hamster, so no drama. That is what I think will stop drama waves from coming my way!

If I were the parent I'd go fishing with my boys that are at least four years old. It would be fun to throw the soaking fish at the drama queens and watch them scamper away like mice with a squad of cats patrolling outside their hole! I'd throw the small fish and bring in our champion fish loud and that would make us feel proud! That's what I'd do!

After a bone tiring day everybody needs to charge up.7:30 would be time for bed, "yes you eight and older kids can read till 8:30." I would scrub 4 maybe even 5 year olds and younger in the tub. I would towel hug the runaway trains. I'd dry them and put them in clothes that will warm them to their bones. That is what me as a parent would do at night.

I'd only go out to eat with my girls at no drama mama restuarant. That would mean I'd not miss an incredible Seahawks game! Never take drama mamas to the mall. That is the incredible advice I get from my parents!

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