Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr. Helpful

There are a few jobs around the house that are Reid's to do. He has declared them his jobs and woe to any sibling that tries to take his place in the completion of the tasks. First task that Reid has claimed is turning off the tv. Now we are still working with him on the exact timing of it. Because occasionally I will just threaten a child with turning it off and Reid takes it upon himself to do it regardless. But he will happily run over to the tv and push the light that turns it off all the time. The second task he has chose for himself is letting Calvin in and out the sliding glass door. He is so excited to do this. Occasionally Reid tries to put him out even when Calvin doesn't want out. Still working on that too. But in all he is finding ways to contribute too the family. It is very cute and I love it!

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