Sunday, December 16, 2012

An Early Christmas with Reece and Angie

Reece and Angie are having Christmas at their house in Puyallup this year so we trekked down this morning to have an early celebration this year.

It was fun to join Reece, Angie and Rory at their church and hear a good message with them. Then we headed a couple of minutes up the road to their house for lunch and presents.

Everyone was so excited!

Zane got a new Seahawks shirt. He is turning into a HUGE football fan and was really excited to get a shirt to cheer on his favorite team!

The girls got a hair kit and a jewelry making kit. I see a lot of necklaces and trips to the imaginary beauty salon in our future.

It was so much fun to get to see Rory. He really does love his Auntie Sam the very, very best.

Zane really loves Rory a LOT.

Zane and Uncle Reece checking out the score for the Seahawks game. Zane is quite the fanatic and wanted to track the game the whole time we were there. Reece is just as bad though. They made quite a pair.

Reid managed to stay awake the whole afternoon but he was definitely on the fade by the time we left. Andrew was really excited to get a Lego kit and could hardly wait to get home to build it!

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