Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas For 7

Christmas morning arrived with excited boys and girls bright eyed and bushy tailed. We followed our typical pattern of reading the end of our Christmas story (this year was Jotham's Journey) and then we started in with stockings.

To decrease the craziness and increase the ability for Eric and I to actually watch the kids open their presents we allowed a free for all with the stockings and then the kids took turns opening presents one at time. There were enough presents for several rounds each of the kids and they were all so excited with their stuff.

The girls were very excited with their bitty twin dolls and Reid was thrilled with his cozy coupe police car. The big boys were very excited with Legos and a new Wii game that they played for the rest of the morning.

Eric and I kept it pretty simple this year, he got some new work boots and socks and I got a cupcake carrier and 20 chickens for World Vision. It was a wonderful Christmas morning in just about every way possible.

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