Monday, April 15, 2013

Belly Update! 36 Weeks

Almost there! Time is moving swiftly to my due date with this little man. I am feeling pretty good for the most part although quite large and uncomfortable most of the time. Sleep has been pretty good with one bad night or two a week. Not horrible for this stage of the game. I have all my appointments scheduled for the remainder of my pregnancy which means that I can play the guessing game on when this little man will make an appearance. My best guess right now is May 4th or 8th (which is my due date). I have doctor appointments the days before both and that usually sends me into labor that evening. Ideally it would be May 4th, because that is a Saturday and would be the least disruptive for everyone. But babies come when they want to so I will be happy to meet him when he decides the timing is right. No for sure name has been decided yet but we have a couple that are bouncing around. I guess we will just have to meet him and then decide. Getting super excited for sure!

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