Friday, April 19, 2013

"Math is Cool" Competition

Andrew has been part of the math team at his school for the whole year. The 4th grade students selected for the math team were placed there based on their performance on the 3rd grade math MSP as well as a teacher referral. After school practices were required to learn the different disciplines of the competition and figure out team assignments. Andrew was very happy to be spending extra time working on a subject he loves. Math is a breeze for him!

The competition was at Mt. Rainer High School and it lasted for over 5 hours. Parents were allowed to come to watch the college bowl portion and the award ceremony. While Andrew didn't win any individual awards it was a lot of fun to see him having such a good time. He was incredibly nervous about the competition for a few days before and the morning of but he came around and did great. When Eric and I got to the school he was bouncing around and chattering non-stop. It was really nice to see.

If Andrew were to get invited to join the team for next year again he would definitely accept. It was a wonderfully positive experience for him!

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