Friday, April 5, 2013

Reid's Big Boy Bed Update

Reid has been sleeping in the big boys room for a couple of weeks now and it has been with mixed results. The first few days went great. He stayed in bed and fell asleep quickly and easily. Then he figured out he could get up and out of the room anytime he wanted.

The past few days he has been a holy terror of naughtiness at nap/bedtime. We finally resorted to making it impossible for him to get out of his room. He generally isn't destructive in his room, he just plays a huge game with coming in and out of his room. This is not a fun game for a 9 months pregnant mom. It is very cute that he loves to snuggle with Zane. Last night when it was bedtime Reid climbed into bed with Zane. He didn't stay there but it was awfully cute. Zane insisted that I take pictures of the two of them this morning while they snuggled in Reid's toddler bed. They are such good buddies!

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