Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Next Baby...

Gwen was not happy that we were having a boy when we originally found out. Not at all. She was "grumpy" about a baby brother and certainly didn't leave anyone guessing about her emotions. However, it seemed as though she decided to accept that this new baby is going to be a brother. But in the last few weeks I have gotten a hint that there was something else going on in her little mind.

I think Gwen has told herself that it is ok that we are having a baby brother this time because the NEXT baby is going to be a girl. She keeps finding baby girl head bands and telling me that they are for the baby sister. The one that is coming next. Oh boy. I attempted to tell her this morning that there are no guarantees in life about brothers or sisters. That mom's and dad's don't get to pick which one comes, we just get to love the baby that we get. Gwen sat and glared at me. Glared with an amazing amount of betrayal in her eyes and then ran to her room and threw herself on her bed sobbing. I left her for a moment or two and then peeked in the door. She saw me looking at her and then yelled at me, "Don't even look at me!" and threw her covers over her head. It was every bit a tween tv show. I walked away. If I didn't know she was so heartbroken I probably would have gotten after her a bit for the drama. But I could tell she was genuinely upset about this betrayal and how I could not promise a baby sister for her. SIGH. It's tough to be so passionate about stuff.

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