Monday, June 3, 2013

A Little Walk

This morning I left the littles at home while I walked the boys to the bus. I am only gone for about 5 minutes so I feel pretty safe leaving everyone in the house. Even if Oliver is unhappy it is for a really short amount of time. Lucy really wanted to hold him while I was gone so I left her snuggling with Oliver. When I got back home Oliver and Lucy were very nicely sitting on the couch. He was totally calm and happy. And then Lucy told me, "He got a little fussy but we went on a little walk and he was happy."

I don't know what part I should be more terrified about. The fact that she took him on "a little walk" or the part where I worry about where exactly that walk went or how exactly she carried him the whole time. Sheesh. Oliver seems no worse for the walk and Lucy was as proud as could be that she took care of her baby brother. It could have been worse I guess. Reid could have tried to take him on a walk.

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