Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Wretched Fly

Just as I was thinking that Reid was absolutely fearless, we have found something that completely freaks him out. With the weather being so beautiful we have been in and out of the house and our doors have not been getting shut tight consistently. This has resulted in a few flies getting in the house. Last night at bedtime Reid flipped out. He was sobbing and shaking he was so scared. We ultimately figured out that he had seen a fly and it was scary. After a lot of consoling and cajoling we got Reid back into his room and to sleep. Fast forward to 11:30 pm. Reid wakes up shrieking and sobbing that he is scared. After a long snuggle with Eric and then a second long snuggle with me we convinced him to go back to sleep. All was well today until nap time. I put him in bed no problem but within 5 minutes he was back downstairs sobbing and shaking again. I took him back upstairs and then I heard it. The buzzing sound of a fly caught in the blinds. I released the fly and watched it leave the room but Reid did not see it go. Then it took me 5 minutes to try and convince the boy that it was really gone. We sat and listened and couldn't hear anything anymore. He finally crawled into Zane's bed and went to sleep. Hopefully we are done with fly drama though! I don't know if I can take a whole summer of this.

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