Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zane's Writing

 Zane doesn't often bring home something for me to read that he has written. But today he brought home two stories that he had done in class. They were too cute not to share! I took pictures of them so you can get the whole effect. The spelling and punctuation has been left intact. It adds to it!

so thes is the story of me geting my fish! So we went to petco. and we looked at some statchuse. then went to look at some fish. and we got them we didn't know wich one to pick. so it was hard. Finly we cheek out. we had a grate day.

 My Weekend My mom usualle we go to costco because I have a big family. Wene we go to costco we bey a lot of stof but before I tell you this story. I go to costco we need food! said mom. so we go to costco. we buy all the stof we need. then we ceek out. and that is how we do it

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