Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

What can I say? Our family would be lost without Eric in it. He is daddy extraordinaire and one of the major sources of fun. We had a very mellow day at home after church. The kids all made Eric a card and the boys gave him the cards/presents they had made at school. Zane's card read "Dear Dad, I like the why you help me out when I need it and you feed me. Love Zane" There was also a picture of us all at the table with one person saying "Let's eat" and another person saying "I'm hoggre" Andrew made a poster for Eric with 3 poems on it and note. The note read "Dear Dad, Thank you for being a person with feelings I hope we can camp and go fishing with you, the champ, and you are a top dog father I love to play ball and if I ever fall you'll be there, your the man! Love, Andrew"

And for your reading pleasure here are the three poems that Andrew wrote and included on the poster.


I am brainy and skinny
I wonder if the stars are living creatures
I hear my name being called
I see my paperwork
I want to fly

I am brainy and skinny
I pretend I'm not that smart
I feel I can be better
I touch my paper
I worry I'll get held back
I cry out in pain

I am brainy and skinny
I understand I can't always be young
I say 'why not'
I dream I can always be young
I try my best
I hope for the best

I am brainy and skinny


If joyful were a color
It would be as yellow as the sun.
If joyful were a taste
It would be as sweet as candy.
If joyful were a feeling
It would be as sticky as anemone skin.
If joyful were a smell 
It would be as tummy rumbling as hot apple pie.
If joyful were a sound 
It would be as bumbley as a merry tune.


I am from a green grassy place
And the flaming fire pit

I am from the long shaggy carpet
And the icy cement floor

From the "guys be done" to the "behave"
From the "don't do that" to the "shush!"

I am from gooey cheese and yellow macaroni
I am from warm tacos and yucky rice

I am from Sam and Eric

I am from the sunny Cannon Beach
And the big place of Seattle

From the sunny birthday to the snowy Christmas
From the bright 4th of July to the scary Halloween

This is where I am from

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