Saturday, June 8, 2013

Almost Stitches

We have been ridiculously blessed to avoid stitches or broken bones thus far. But Reid, oh Reid, is determined to change it all for us.

Today Reid was playing outside with the big kids and suddenly we hear Andrew yell "MOM, DAD! Mayday, Mayday!" We looked out the window and saw him carrying a screaming Reid into the house. Reid was gushing blood from his head. Eric got up and ran to grab Reid from Andrew and took him to the sink. We got the bleeding slowed down and applied some ice. After it stopped pumping blood we found a small little hole in his head. We think he got hit in the head with a swing. No other kids were swinging so it must have just clipped him right. We took him in the walk-in-clinic and they determined that stitches would be more traumatic than the wound itself so they just put some steri-strips on it and called it good. Why do I think this will not be the last time that we see urgent care with Reid?

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