Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Kiddo Update

Just a quick update on the kiddos, other than Ollie. Reid is adjusting to being off all of his allergen foods. He is finished with his prescription anti-fungal medications and has moved on to natural anti-fungal supplements. I am so impressed with how easily he is taking his medications. I managed to teach him how to swallow pills in a spoonful of applesauce and it has made medication time much easier and more successful. He has had a significant improvement to his diapers over the last two weeks which is a huge relief. We retested for blood in his stool this week and I should get the results back next week when we go back in for a checkup. It is so amazing how his behavior is worsened by the allergen foods though. He is a mess when he is on them for several hours and then he crashes and sleeps off the rest of his allergic response. We are working through finding him foods to eat. He is very picky and I think he is losing weight but we are managing to keep him from the stuff that makes him ill most of the time. Only one more food to test. He has reacted to all of them so I am just going to take them out for a few months. Hopefully that will be sufficient time to calm his body down.

Miss Gwendalyn has had quite the week with a very nasty boil on her arm. I took her in to the doctor on Tuesday to have it looked at and they gave her antibiotics and instructions on how to care for it. Baby girl is tough though! She didn't even cry or fuss when the doctor was examining it. He was very impressed with how tough she was. I also turned in her paperwork for kindergarten this week when I was at the school for the kids conferences. It is amazing to me that she is going to be in school next year too. I will definitely be off balance with four kids in school and only two at home!

Conferences for the kids went extremely well. Lucy is exactly where she should be for the end of kindergarten with her reading and math and is plugging away in school nicely. She is doing great in class listening and following instructions which is fantastic to hear. This little girl marches to the beat of her own drum and I am just glad that right now that drum is beating in time with school. 

Zane's conference was great too. He is above grade level in just about every area. He has passed the time test for math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) for the 4th grade already. He is currently learning his 11's and 12's so he has something new to work on. Reading and writing are equally good for Zane, he is a prolific writer and a very strong reader. His teacher was very complimentary about him academically as well as behaviorally. I am one proud mama that he keeps it all together in school and we only see behavioral challenges at home. If there have to be challenges I would much rather be the one who has to deal with them.

Andrew's conference was amazing as well. He is doing excellent in school, is a rock star at math and his organization is absolutely fantastic. His teacher feels like he is going to go charging into 6th grade and be successful there as well. While we were at conferences we selected classes for 6th grade. Next year he is going to take challenge math and challenge language arts as well as art/technology as an elective. I asked him if he wanted to do choir and he was very adamantly against that idea. No big surprise there!

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