Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Andrew's Last Concert

Andrew had his final concert of elementary school tonight. He doesn't exactly enjoy singing or being on stage so I really don't anticipate seeing him in this capacity again. Who knows though? Never say never right?

All the siblings enjoy the music concerts. Gwen in particular seemed to love it. She sang along very quietly to the ones she knew. It was very cute. I am sure music is going to be a big piece of her school career. She adores singing.

 Even Reid is very interested in the concerts. He runs around and is very rascally before the kids get on stage but as soon as there is something to see he is quite content to just sit and watch the show.

This concerts theme was songs from the 70's (mostly). The kids dressed up in costumes and had a great time singing Car Wash.

They even had cars and towels to help with the song. I even saw Andrew doing some of the motions. That was a miracle in itself!

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