Monday, March 10, 2014

Oliver Benjamin: 10 Months Old

 Ollie is 10 months old! He is such a sweet snuggly little man. He is cruising on furniture and even trying to transition between pieces of furniture that are close but not touching. He is going to be walking in no time at all.

He is a speedy little bugger on the stairs although he has yet to figure out how to back down them and has taken a couple of tumbles. We have resorted to laying stuff across the stairs to keep him from climbing up them and being stranded all day.

Ollie is eating mostly table food at this point and is a very adventurous eater. He loves almost everything that we put in front of him.

Ollie has figured out how to make kissing noises and clicks and pops with his mouth. He is very verbal and babbles a lot. I expect him to be a talker.

He is chunk-licious and so very loved!

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