Monday, March 31, 2014

Reid's First Swimming Lesson

 Reid just made the cutoff for this round of swimming lessons. We had taken a break from lessons for a few months but I knew I really wanted Reid to take some lessons before this summer.

Reid has been watching all the big kids get in the water his entire life and finally, finally it was his turn. He was very excited about it. And then it was time for him to get into the water. All of a sudden he was feeling a bit squishy about the whole swim lesson thing. Eric and I tried to convince him to get in the water and it finally took the promise of a cookie after the lesson for him to agree.

 Once he was in the water though he never looked back. He was quite chilly and a bit nervous about all the different things to learn but he was a rock star and tried them all.

He sang the songs and did all the moves. He was not quite sure about doing bobs in the water though. He had chattering teeth through most of the class. I was very impressed with how he stayed holding onto the wall though. I was not sure he would be a good listener in that way.

 The last thing they do in class is jump in. I was not sure if he would go for it but he did! He didn't even hesitate.

 We asked if he wanted to do swimming lessons again and he was very certain that swimming lessons are a lot of fun. Hooray for another fish baby!

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