Monday, March 31, 2014

Everyone is Swimming!

Well everyone other than Ollie...

Zane was not excited to be starting swimming lessons again. Because he insisted, I did not take a photo of him in the pool. Just this one of him giving me the withering look.

Have I mentioned that the crawling age is my least favorite one for babies at the pool. Guess what? There is water on the ground, lots of it. And they tend to think it is the most fun thing ever to play with.

This results in a very wet soggy baby but when you have sweet cheeks like this one and a smile like him... well you learn to just grin and bear the soggy clothing.

Andrew is plugging away at his competitive readiness class. I think he is getting faster every session we do.

The girls were thrilled to be back in the pool. They both advanced last time around so they were in new classes.

Gwen is tackling Preschool 3 and LOVING it.

And Lucy is busy trying to drown herself in Beginner 2. Seriously. She has absolutely no fear of the water at all.

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