Thursday, July 31, 2014

Aloha Carnival

It was Carnival day! We released Andrew and Zane and Lucy with their tickets and I took Gwen with me to do some activities.

She tackled the obstacle course, NAILED IT.

Ollie got a dum-dum and LOVED it. Andrew was very selective with his activities. After 30 minutes he had still only used two tickets!

 He was too busy doing 'no ticket' activities like Cookie Face. Reid rocked the Ring Toss game! He was very into all the games.

 Lucy used up her tickets quick as a flash. It is so amusing to me to see the different styles of spending my kids have. Zane and Lucy binge and then are done. Andrew and Gwen shop around. Different personality profiles for sure.

Ollie just had fun watching all the fun. My guess is that next year he will want to participate in some stuff for sure.

Gwen even tackled the rock climbing wall. Lucy did too apparently but I missed it completely. Gwen was very tentative right at first but she is one seriously determined little girl and ended up climbing to the very top!

 She even figured out how to bounce down like a frog. Watch out world! This little girl is going to do anything she sets her mind too. The stubbornness level is off the charts!

Gwen and I also won door prizes of free smoothies from the coach house. She got raspberry and I got strawberry. We were feeling quite spoiled by the end!

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