Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bowling! A Thursday Adventure

 The weather was horrid. It has been a monsoon for two days straight but Thursday adventures can be flexible so we headed to Strawberry Lanes to knock some pins over.

 The kids really enjoy bowling. The little ones have enough attention span for just under one game so it manages to be a not terribly spendy activity either.

 Oliver and Grandma Meow did not bowl. They cheered from the spectator seats. Zane was on fire today! He threw seven spares and was very energetic about it too!

 Lucy also had a great time. She did so much better this time but we are still very grateful for the bumpers.

Watching the ball return never, ever, ever gets old.

The final score was a pretty good reflection of all our abilities. Zane really did have a great game and Gwen was very determined to throw most of the balls herself. She did not strand any balls in the lane this time so she is getting stronger and better at bowling. I usually helped Reid roll his ball down the lane. He really isn't a whiz at 3 years old!

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