Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finally the Beach

The kids were thrilled to finally hit the beach! It took a little bit of effort to set up our sun shade in the stiff breeze but after that the kids were off like rockets to cross the creek and play on the far bank.

Ollie was enthralled with the sand again. After his short nap on my back, it was not surprising that he stuck pretty close to me most of the afternoon.

The rest of the crew played in the sand, built stuff and managed to get themselves completely covered in sand multiple times.

Reid was very determined to keep up with the big kids. Fortunately the tide was out for the majority of the time we were playing so it was easy for him to cross back and forth. He usually insisted on Daddy's help though.

Lucy loves to roll in the sand. She is completely oblivious to the fact that it is gritty and everywhere. She is a girl who certainly knows how to live in the moment!

 Ollie found the tent stakes for our shelter to be the most fun to play with. Whatever works to keep the baby occupied and happy!

Andrew buried himself in the sand. He was cool with getting his picture taken as long as no one had made him look like a mermaid or anything.

Eric took Ollie across with the big kids at the very, very end of our adventure but he was very done by then and pretty much screamed the whole time. Oh well. There are many years for him to try and keep up with all the big kids. I will take the small amount of time he just wants to hang with mom.

We finished the day sun soaked and very, very tired. It will be an easy bedtime for all little people tonight!

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