Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beaver Lake Hike: A Thursday Adventure

We packed up a picnic lunch and took off for a hike to Beaver Lake for our weekly adventure. The kids were very excited to head out into the woods to see all there was to see.

I knew hiking would not be an Ollie type of activity but the ergo came in super handy and he was very content in it while we walked.

The hike was 4 miles round trip with almost no elevation gain. Perfect for a crew with short legs and energy levels with limited capacities.

 I got the anticipated meltdown right before lunch but we pushed on to the end of the trail (at the river) and sat for a quick picnic lunch. Ollie was thrilled to be out of the ergo for a few minutes. Just as it got super buggy we hopped back on the trail and headed back to the van.

Four exhausted little kids were out in minutes, while the big two read the whole way home. It was a perfect adventure!

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