Sunday, July 27, 2014

Low Tide at Haystack Rock

We decided to take advantage of a late brunch morning and a conveniently timed low tide and check out Haystack Rock this morning.

The kids were all very excited to hit the beach and even though it was only 7 am they were swimsuit dressed and ready to swim.

Ollie had not done a lot of time in the sand so I was curious how he would do. He took to it like a duck to water. No fussing about sand on hands at all. He loved everything about it.

 Lucy was fascinated by the sea creatures and the waves. She would have stayed down there jumping and playing for a lot longer if we had let her.

This year we had a wonderful marine info lady help us find creatures and touch them. We saw a sea slug (shaggy mouse) and some other creature I don't remember the name too but she said was rare to find. AND a sea urchin which was extremely rare. She was friendly and good with the kids. Not always in the personality profile of the helpers by the rock but we were so happy to have had her assistance!

 Andrew found several hermit crabs. He loved the tide pools and would sit and just watch them to see what would start moving. A patient kiddo for sure.

 Ollie played and played and then his horrific night of sleep caught up with him and he needed to be back in the ergo. No problem. Better than me trying to carry him in my arms back to the car!

 Then we got cold and hungry and ready for the day. We said goodbye to the rock and headed back. More beach fun will be had tomorrow though! The weather is gorgeous and I think there is even a sandcastle contest calling our name!

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