Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crafty Boy

Andrew has been working on a book report for "The Call of the Wild" this week. This book report is a 'bag' book report which requires information about all the characters, info about the book and illustrations on the outside. The inside of the bag is supposed to contain at least 4 artifacts about the book that would be conversation starters.

This is where we usually run into issues. Not because he can't think of ideas but rather that his ideas are very elaborate and complex. And crafty. Always crafty. I asked him what he wanted to do for the artifacts for this report and his first answer was that he wanted to sculpt a caribou and a wolf out of clay. So since we had some inexpensive clay laying around I let him do it. And you know what? Those animals looked just about perfect. He really is quite the little sculpter. The only problem was that they fell apart due to the cheap clay. So we had to improvise and think more about what he wanted to make. Next up was a dog sled out of craft sticks. Except that I couldn't find craft sticks laying around so we had to make do with broken down clothespins and some hot glue.

Turned out pretty good for broken down clothespins! He ended up thinking of 3 other things to include as artifacts but the fact that he is so crafty is amazing to me. He has big ideas. Elaborate ideas that are way beyond him. But he is never happier than when he is crafting. We shall see where this love leads him in the future!

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