Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Boys New Pets

The boys got new pets this weekend! They have wanted fish for a long time and sold off a few wii games and accessories to earn enough money to get them. We ended up getting baby beta fish so the boys could watch them grow bigger. There was a LONG process of deciding which fish to get at the pet store but they ended up with two different colored fish so they are quite easy to tell apart.

Zane ended up with a male blue veiltail beta that he named Hugo Viggo Thomas W. I know it is hard to see the fish in the bowl so I included a picture of what it 'should' look like when it is full grown.

Andrew's fish is a red female crowntail beta that he named Betsy Paula W. It was a lot of fun talk to the person at the pet store and have him guess what type of beta these babies should turn out to be.

Eventually Andrew's fish should looks something like this. Betsy is very shy and hides in the castle that he got for her a lot. She can be hard to find a lot of the time. Hugo Viggo is quite active and curious and seems to like exploring all the stuff in his tank. The boys are just too excited about their new pets and as long as they don't kill them with too much love (food) they should do very well as responsible pet owners. Apparently betas like a little neglect now and then. Sounds just about right for a 9 and 7 year old.

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