Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and the Aquarium

The kids waiting for the instructions about the egg hunt downstairs. They were very, VERY excited.

Gwen was super overwhelmed/excited.

Lucy found a lot of eggs!

Reid seemed to think his baby doll needed to be in the bucket too. I tried to get a picture of the boys hunting for eggs but they were two whirlwinds of competition and were very difficult to frame up. So just know that they hunted too!

After the egg hunt we finished getting ready for the day and headed off to church. After a quick pancake brunch we made our way to the Aquarium to use another day of membership. It was a gorgeous day in Seattle so even though we were on the water the weather was quite lovely.

The kids really love the tide pools. They think touching all the starfish and sea anemones is one of the best parts.

Lucy in particular could have stayed there touching things forever. Every time I turned around she had her hands in a tank. She even made friends with a worker and got lots of information about the different creatures.

Gwen was a bit tentative about touching stuff but eventually dove right in. She made me nervous that she was going to go straight into the water but she managed to stay dry. Reid didn't have any desire to touch any of the creatures but he sure did like splashing the freezing cold water.

The boys had fun too. And we finished the trip after watching the octopus be fed. They had grown a LOT in the 9 months since we had been there last. All in all it was a very nice Easter. So thankful for time with the whole family!

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