Saturday, March 16, 2013


Reid is really starting to talk these days. His language development has been slower than some of my crew but not delayed. He spent a lot of time and energy on gross motor skills when he was little so it makes sense that his language was put on the back burner. Who needs to talk when there is running and jumping to be done??!! Just in the past few weeks he has really started saying names for all his siblings. He doesn't say them perfectly but it is very cute to hear him talking to them.

Here is the sibling cheat sheet:

Andrew = Nee Nee
Zane = Zee
Lucy = Lucy (shockingly he can say her name quite well)
Gwen = Sissy (He doesn't even give her name a shot. Of course I call her Sissy a lot so maybe he really thinks that is her name)
Reid = Baby
Calvin = Doggie

He says Mama and Daddy really well though. We are making progress with lots of other words though and it is fun to hear him add to his vocabulary daily.

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