Friday, March 29, 2013

RIP Betsy Paula

Andrew's fish Betsy has died. She didn't look well for the past few days and this morning when we checked on her it was official. She had died at some point during the night. Andrew was very, very sad and has cried on and off all afternoon. We gave him the option on what to do with her remains and he chose to bury her in the backyard. It was a quiet and private event with just Andrew in attendance. Eric was actually a bit disappointed. I think he had a speech that he wanted to give about her but Andrew was pretty insistent that he be the only one.

After dinner tonight we went and got a new Beta for Andrew. This fish has stripes and somewhat reddish fins. Because of it's resemblance to a tom-cat Andrew has named the fish Tommy Tom W. We are excited and hopeful about the lifespan of Tommy. He seems to be a much more active fish and we are all crossing our fingers that he will have a much longer life. I don't know if Andrew's heart could take it if he lost another fish so soon.

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