Saturday, March 9, 2013

Science Center with Daddy Take 2!

After a fun 3D movie and quick lunch we checked out the dinosaurs. Reid has been very into dinos lately and was excited (and overwhelmed) by how big they were!

Look Gwen!

What's that roaring noise???!

Checking out a Gemini space capsule...

An asteroid is coming! EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!

Zane worked a moon puzzle all by himself.

A quick game of checkers!

Zane held a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach! None of the other kids were brave enough to do it. (and neither was I!) He was very proud of himself.

This was as close as Reid would get. He was curious but freaked out when Eric tried to get him to touch it.

We checked out the butterfly house. Andrew, Lucy and I really enjoyed it. Zane apparently 'forgot' that he wasn't supposed to be touching the butterflies, Reid kept trying to catch, stomp, smash every butterfly he saw and Gwen was just flat out terrified of them flying. They left the exhibit with Eric quite quickly.

Lucy was fascinated by the butterflies and desperately wanted one to land on her hand. She loved watching them fly and could have spent a lot longer in the exhibit.

After touring the butterfly exhibit there was a lady who had specimens and was available to answer questions. My boys kept her quite occupied for about 15 minutes.

I should also mention that we 'got' to watch a boa constrictor eat a rat while we were there. I don't know who was most thrilled by that, Eric or the boys. Once again they peppered the demonstrator lady with questions until she had to leave to do the rest of her job. Oh they have inherited their dad's love of science and nature.

We took a quick walk to Dick's Drive in where we had a yummy snack of hamburgers and the kids got some balloon creations from a very nice gentleman outside the Science Center. Then we set off to find the Freemont Troll. I had never seen the troll before and I have lived here all my life! It was very neat. Although a little freaky if I am completely honest.

The big boys were the only ones to get to see the troll though because Reid and the girls all fell asleep within a few minutes of being in the car. It was a fun family day. Can't wait for our next one!

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