Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Lot of Snuggling

We are settling in nicely with Oliver in the family. The little ones have done great adding a new brother and the big boys are doing great too.

The little kids get more chances to hold Oliver since they are here all day long and he is quite cooperative with them.

Reid has been a big surprise. He really loves to hold Oliver and kiss him. He is very gentle with him too. Eric has been home this whole time and Reid has definitely glued himself to his side. We will see how tomorrow goes when Eric returns to work.

Gwen and Lucy are still totally in love with Oliver. I think Gwen may have even forgiven me for having a boy. There has been no mention of a little sister so I am going to just cross my fingers that Oliver has proven to be an okay addition to the family.

Lucy reminds me of Andrew at this age. He always wanted to hold the baby (Lucy at the time) and was very helpful to me when things needed to get done without the baby in my arms. Hopefully she continues being helpful. And it has been so nice to have a smooth transition with her. She was a whirlwind of naughtiness right before I had Oliver but now that he is here we are back to business as usual. So nice.

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