Saturday, May 11, 2013

Settling In

Everyone is starting to get used to Oliver being in the house. There has been a lot of baby holding going on and a little bit of tantruming over laps being occupied but nothing more than I expected. Reid has been quite chill about adding a brother and other than the few times that I have been nursing and he wanted me he is pretty good. Although mostly Oliver has just slept and my hands have been quite free.

I offered to let Zane hold Oliver since everyone was taking a turn. He said he wanted to and then promptly opened up his book and started reading. Such a difference from when Reid was born. Then Zane only had a 3 minute attention span for holding a baby and if I wasn't watching he was inclined to just dump Reid on the couch and walk away. Now that there is something he can do while holding a baby it seems to keep him still a lot longer.

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