Monday, May 6, 2013

Holy Heat Wave!

You know a strange event has taken place when Washington State is the hottest state in the nation. We are enjoying 80+ degree weather in May and loving every second of it!

Since it was so hot I pulled out the sprinkler and let the kids have at it this afternoon when Andrew and Zane got home from school.

The girls and Andrew all had a great time with no reservations about just running and running through the water. Reid was not quite sure about the whole thing. Of course the spray was right at eye level. He did like getting piggyback rides through the sprinkler.

Andrew was quite the willing sherpa and kept him cool. It is so amusing to see how much Andrew has changed in the last few years. He used to be my kid that refused to run through the sprinkler because he didn't like the spray in his eyes. Reid is nothing like him though... ahem.

Zane was in a mood when he got home from school and didn't actually want to run through the sprinkler as much. He spent a lot of the day sitting next to me and reading.

Reid didn't quite understand that I didn't want him on my lap when he was all soaking wet. And Andrew was just deliriously happy that it was so nice.

Eventually Zane decided that he wanted to go play. He ended up running through a couple of times before he quit. I have to remember that he is my kid that doesn't do well in over 80 degree heat too. He just melts. I am hoping that this is a sign for a super nice, sunny, summer ahead!

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